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Transform Your Space
with Luxury Murals

Who are we?

Elijah Thane and Marlee Lynn

We are a married couple who paints the most luxurious murals you've ever seen. We specialize in immersive and iconic murals for pediatricians, dentists, daycares, schools, and more. 

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Recent Projects

How Much Does it Cost?

Our murals cost $2500 - $25,000+ depending on:

  1. Size

  2. Amount of Detail

  3. Location of Your Space


Our murals are a flat rate and contain no hidden fees.

We offer financing and payment plans.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Design Process

Each element in our murals is custom and hand-drawn, making each mural 100% original and unique.

Here are some examples of preliminary drawings for various mural projects.

Detail of Brachiosaurus
Drippy Tree_edited
IMG_2316 2
Meditating Monkey 3

How Does it Work?



We visit your workplace to measure the walls, talk about ideas, answer any questions, and give you a quote. 


Choose Theme

You choose your desired theme for the mural, along with specific colors and elements you would like included.



After the consultation, we can give you a quote for your mural. If everything looks right we can make the agreement to commission an artwork.



Upon signing the agreement, 20% of the quoted rate is due for a design deposit.



Then we design your mural, make any necessary revisions, and get your approval. Upon approval of design 40% of rate is due to begin painting.



Upon approval of the design, we begin painting. Once completed, the remaining 40% is due and you can enjoy your new mural!

Forest Detail
Macaw Detail
Tiger 1
Left Wall

The Transformation