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Elijah Thane

Elijah Thane, b.1995, is an American Contemporary Artist and Designer from Cumberland, Maryland.

Elijah is an artist with the technical, creative, and productive capabilities to create a new generation of classic art and design.


He combines magical stories and masterful technique to develop works of art with iconic design and timeless beauty that appeals to audiences of all ages and cultures.

Although Elijah is classically trained in the traditional methods of draftsmanship, design, and composition, his work has a futuristic essence that seamlessly merges the classical with the modern.


This new style of design is a kind of grandiose minimalism where bold contrast of fierce intensity is blended with elements of simplicity and serenity to make works of art that are both powerful and sublime. 

Everyone loves beauty.

Improving things is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Improving just one thing elevates everything around it.

This is the power of beauty and the divine.

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Artist Statement

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